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David E. Schricker

The law offices of David E. Schricker have provided professional, successful representation for cities, districts, and other local public agencies in Northern California since 1981. The firm's experience includes transactional, administrative, trial and appellate practice in virtually all areas of local government law.

Collaborative, Responsive, Effective
Mr. Schricker brings extensive experience with municipal and local agency law to each case, allowing him to analyze issues quickly, gain confidence and establish rapport with clients at all levels, from departmental managers to city council and board members, Mr. Schricker is responsive to client needs while providing the legal expertise and attention to detail needed to achieve client goals and policies.

David Schricker LawThe firm's approach is collaborative. When a case calls for a team of experts, David Schricker brings together additional legal and other expert consulting resources to ensure thorough representation of client interests.

Professional, Experienced Representation
David Schricker has represented public and private clients in federal and California trial and appellate courts and administrative agencies. Representative clients include the City of Redwood City and the Port of Redwood City (City/Port Attorney 1968-2001), the Dublin San Ramon Services District, the Montara Water and Sanitary District, and the South Bayside System Authority.

A partial listing of Mr. Schricker's cases include:

Turturici v. City of Redwood City, 190 Cal.App. 3d 1447 (upholds City's personnel discretion)

Redwood City v. Dalton Constr. Co. 221 Cal. App.3d 1570 (upholds fee ordinance)

SEIU Local 715 AFL-CIO v. Redwood City, 32 Cal. App. 4th 53 (upholds City's right to limit peace officer status)

South Bayside System Authority v. Seaport Refining, etc., Civil admin. proceeding (successful cost recovery for wastewater permit violation)

San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board v. South Bayside System Authority, State agency admin. proceeding (successful defense of alleged Water Code violation)

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